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Chefman Electric 4-Cup Food Processor + Blender


UP-AND-DOWN BLADE MOTION: Chop, blend, purée, dice, and mince every ingredient to an even consistency with the convenient up-and-down blade motion.

  • SIMPLE CONTROLS: Chop all of your food processed favorites easier than ever with one-touch blending operation. With dual control, simply select chop for quick and easy auto function, or pulse for additional control, then watch as your selected button illuminates.
  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: With this one simple, sleek device, you can chop, blend, dice, puree, mince, and more for up to 4 cups of your favorite ingredient. Crush ice, create homemade salsa, guacamole, peanut or almond butters, batters, smoothies, nut crumbles, breadcrumbs, baby food, and more.
  • EASY CLEANING: After chopping at the push of a button, enjoy the ease of an even simpler clean up. Simply place the BPA-free 4-cup blending bowl, transparent viewing lid, and the stainless steel dual chopping blades in the top rack of the dishwasher for the easiest cleanup ever.

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Intuitive Motion, Faster Meals

Create fast and fresh meals with an integrated vertical blade motion. Achieve your desired consistency in minutes with this controlled up-and-down movement.

Automatic Appetizers

Pulse and blend salsas and sauces at the touch of a button. Simply input your ingredients and let the advanced auto-chop function do the work.

Designed for Delicious Dishes

Cook up food for the entire family with a convenient 4-cup capacity. Enjoy quick prep and clear visuals with the transparent viewing lid and work bowl.

Smoothies Made Simple

Fuel your fitness sessions or morning commutes with fast and nutritious smoothies. The advanced auto-chopping technology will pulse and purée your fresh or frozen fruit for even consistency, every time.